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Killing Kennedy

With the book Killing Kennedy, the JFK assassination was filtered—as all history we wish to truly understand in bullet-point form must be—through the “No Spin Zone” of Bill O’Reilly. Now it’s received a National Geographic movie version, in which the story of that fateful day is strained through the chunky chowdah of Rob Lowe’s Massachusetts accent, piercing through this brief trailer like the Magic Bullet that O’Reilly believes in. Rounding out the cast is Last Resort’s Will Rothhaar—whose name Lowe regrettably doesn’t pronounce here, because that would be fun—as Lee Harvey Oswald, Michelle Trachtenberg as his wife Marina, and Ginnifer Goodwin, looking really pretty in Jackie Kennedy’s pink dress that doesn’t have any visible, horrifying stains. No spoilers, please.


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