Gruttadaro draws an interesting comparison between Snow Buddies and HBO’s doomed horse racing drama Luck, which abruptly shut down production after the deaths of three horses that were used on the show. “The show had been accused of using horses that were elderly and injured, and allegedly sometimes even drugged,” he writes. Was the same kind of negligence at play on Snow Buddies? Some of the blame may fall on breeder Alex Schock, who allegedly falsified documents and sold underage puppies to the production. But Schock claims ignorance and instead places the responsibility on a production company called Keystone for mishandling the animals. No matter who’s at fault, it’s damning for everyone involved with Snow Buddies to learn that the movie did not even get the standard “no animals were harmed” blessing from the American Humane Association. The credits merely indicate that the AHA “monitored” the production.

The entire, extremely depressing article can be found here.