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Listen to the demo for "That Year" from Uncle Tupelo's No Depression

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Uncle Tupelo’s No Depression is one of the most important records in all of alt-country. Released all the way back in 1990, the record was one of the first to blend the music industry’s burgeoning indie aesthetic with classic Americana sounds.  Its influential ripples are felt even now, when former Uncle Tupelo bassist and vocalist Jeff Tweedy is out on the road fronting Wilco.

This Jan. 28, Sony Legacy will release a special two-disc, remastered version of No Depression that features both the original tracks, but also previously unreleased demos, live tracks, and some other rarities. The album is available for pre-order now, but The A.V. Club has the exclusive stream of the demo of one of No Depression’s best songs, “That Year.” Recorded in 1989, the track was originally part of Uncle Tupelo’s demo, Not Forever, Just For Now. Listen to it below, and begin exploring the roots of so much music that’s popular today.