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Madea's Witness Protection

Tyler Perry's Madea remains, as ever, America's honking, screeching voice of reason, whether shouting about the importance of family, yelling about the need for good Christian values, or bellowing a lament for the demise of old-fashioned common sense while smacking the decency into someone. With his latest morality-and-fat-joke play Madea's Witness Protection, Tyler Perry turns his drag alter ego's unflinching, comically bugging eye on our ongoing financial crisis, pitting Madea against Eugene Levy's on-the-lam Ponzi schemer in her Colosseum-sized kitchen, where she wages an epic, metaphorical battle for the soul of a nation through her repeated insistence that the privileged class should get its lazy ass out of bed and find itself some churchin'. That quest for a country's redemption in the face of economic inequality eventually leads Madea all the way to the belly of the beast, New York City, where she promises to right this ship of damn fools and solve our growing class war one tirade about overpriced chicken wings at a time.


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