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Magic Mike XXL is looking for 300 female extras

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After having already lost Matthew McConaughey, Magic Mike XXL has tried a number of different tactics to replace him. The producers started by hiring Andie MacDowell, who notably differs from McConaughey in the way that she does literally everything, and then they brought in 10 superfans who had to enter a contest to prove—without nudity or profanity—how important a naked Channing Tatum is to them. It still wasn’t enough, though, so then Magic Mike XXL grabbed Michael Strahan, Elizabeth Banks, and Donald Glover, because they apparently weren’t doing anything and also naked Channing Tatum is very important to them as well.


Finally, according to the Savannah Morning News—Georgia’s primary source for Channing Tatum information, we assume—the production has just started asking people on Facebook to show up and watch guys get naked. Magic Mike XXL‘s casting director is looking for 300 women who want to be a part of “The MAGIC MIKE Experience,” which will grant them such fabulous treasures as an “official cast and crew American Apparel t-shirt,” a “box lunch,” and that’s it. Obviously, nobody will get paid for this, because seeing some men who aren’t necessarily Channing Tatum get naked is its own reward. We’re pretty sure it says that in the Bible.

Those who are lucky enough to be selected are reminded not to bring a phone or camera to the taping, and they’ll be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement promising that they won’t discuss anything they see. The assumption is that they’ll just be there to watch some guys take their clothes off, but this secrecy makes us wonder if the 300 women are actually being drafted into a war to defend Sparta from the armies of King Xerxes. After all, the post does mention that applicants should provide their own sword and shield, which does seem a bit suspicious. Also, it says that the box lunch will be served IN HELL!