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Miles Morales stars in the first teaser for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

It may seem like we just got a new Spider-Man movie, but Sony Pictures has now dropped the first teaser for Into The Spider-Verse, an animated Spidey feature starring Miles Morales—a.k.a. the former Ultimate Spider-Man who is now just also Spider-Man even though the original Spider-Man is still hanging around in the comics. The movie is being executive produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, with The Get Down’s Shameik Moore doing the voice of Miles.


This trailer actually provides a lot of information for how short it is, at least going off of the title and the little tease at the end featuring someone who appears to be Peter Parker. If that all means what it seems to mean, then rather than a solo adventure about Miles Morales, Into The Spider-Verse will probably be tied more closely to the Spider-Verse comics event from a few years ago in which every Spider-Man from every alternate reality had to join forces to fight an multi-dimensional threat. Or, barring that, it might just be an adaptation of the smaller-scale Spider-Men event in which Peter and Miles met for the first time.

Anyway, Into The Spider-Verse will be released next winter.