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Moonrise Kingdom

While the credits at this trailer’s end spell out that Moonrise Kingdom represents Wes Anderson’s return to live-action filmmaking, it’s a bit redundant. After all, there’s no mistaking it, as pretty much every one of Anderson’s hallmarks are, comfortingly, present and accounted for: the saturated primary colors; a meticulously centered composition that makes even the great outdoors look like a giant diorama; perfectly chosen ’60s pop strains (though they’re more appropriate than ever here, considering the film’s 1965 setting); characters whose dialogue is delivered with such casual understatement, it’s like they exist in a universe where the atmosphere is 80 percent calming herbal tea; a shirtless Bill Murray, etc.


Even Jason Schwartzmann is lurking in there, though in this preview he takes a backseat to Wes Anderson World novices like Edward Norton’s gee-golly scout troop leader and Bruce Willis’ peevish town sheriff, as they captain a search for one of Norton’s escaped charges—played by newcomer Jared Gilman, with typical Andersonian precociousness—after he runs away with Murray’s daughter, played by fellow newcomer Kara Hayward. Also joining Wes Anderson’s toybox for the first time are Frances McDormand (as Murray’s domineering wife), Tilda Swinton, and Harvey Keitel, though this preview keeps his appearance, at least, a secret, proving you can't predict everything Wes Anderson plans to show you.

You can watch the trailer in HD over at Apple.

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