Lest you think the difficult path she must walk has left Wonder Woman cold and alone, here she lets her guard down long enough to make a hospital visit to the bedside of her injured friend, Willis. She clearly cares about Willis. Willis’ well-being means a lot to her. She needs people like Willis in her life. Willis.

Finally, we get to the real conflict inherent in the show: Not only is Wonder Woman a Wonder Woman—she’s also a regular woman, one who feels the pressure to maintain her “perfect tits, perfect ass, perfect teeth” perhaps more deeply than anyone else, because she’s literally selling herself to the world in the form of Wonder Woman action figures. Unfortunately this leaves little room for Wonder Woman to be just a woman, because Wonder Woman cannot make mistakes, because that is what non-wondrous humans do. So she’s often left to wonder, can she ever be just a woman? WONDER WOMAN.