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Students at Mormon-affiliated Brigham Young University were welcomed into the arms of jittery, bleary-eyed paradise this week, when the school announced that it would begin selling caffeinated soft drinks on its campus and serving them in its dining halls. The school’s social media presence exploded into a chorus of memes and praise, as college kids were no longer forced to leave the campus—visiting the various surrounding gas stations that apparently exist largely to fill this niche—to get their Mountain Dew fix.


As noted in this write-up of the news by Buzzfeed, caffeine’s never actually been prohibited by The Church Of Latter-Day Saints. But it does apparently carry a taboo in many Mormon communities, one that seems to have extended to BYU. The school—which is owned and operated by the Church—apparently made the decision to start stocking caffeinated sodas after doing some market research recently that came to the jolting conclusion that college kids like caffeine.


Still no coffee or tea, though; let’s not go crazy.

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