Mulligan | Official Trailer | Netflix

And then there’s the curious case of the show’s humor (or lack thereof): Despite having comedy veterans at the helm, the jokes, for some reason, don’t land as well as they should. Instead, their repetitive nature quickly gets old—and even grating—after the first few episodes, especially since most of the interpersonal dynamics between the characters don’t change very much once they’ve been introduced. It almost feels like the “How do you do, fellow kids?” meme, in the sense that a bunch of older people are trying to appeal to younger audiences with pop-culture references that are already outdated or don’t fit in the right context. (Considering that Fey and the creators are 30 Rock alums, that may or may not be an unfortunate coincidence.)

Although the current state of television may have reached an inflection point, there is no denying that audiences will only continue to get smarter, and Mulligan is simply the latest glaring reminder of how difficult it is to create a fresh comedy series—either animated or live-action—that is both sophisticated and genuinely funny in its delivery. Instead, the show takes a novel take on the post-apocalyptic genre and frustratingly turns it into a derivative story that feels DOA. But who knows? Maybe if the show gets a second season, it will have, as the synopsis says, “an opportunity to learn from [their] past mistakes and get things right this time.”

Mulligan premieres May 12 on Netflix