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Giving a press conference from an undisclosed location somewhere in the distant, sexist past, Carolina Panthers star Cam Newton played impromptu comedy critic today, telling a female sports journalist that “it’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.” The reporter in question, Jourdan Rodrigue—who’d asked Newton about his relationship with receiver Devin Funchess—didn’t seem to agree with Newton’s assessment that her possession of basic sports knowledge (a key component of her job as a beat writer for the Panthers) was somehow amusing, calling Newton out for the moment on Twitter.


Sadly, Newton didn’t see fit to elaborate on his comedic opinions, or tell reporters whether he thought Rodrigue’s questions were funny “ha ha,” or funny “strange,” or funny “I somehow think it’s questionable that there are women reporting on sports, even though it’s been a fact of life since well before the moment I started my career.” According to Rodrigue’s Twitter, she later tried to follow up with Newton face-to-face, saying “I spoke to him after and it was worse.”

[via Variety]


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