If you’re not already eagerly anticipating next week’s release of TV On The Radio’s Nine Types Of Light (and you should be, because it’s excellent), here’s something else to set the mood: Nine Types Of Light also has an accompanying film premiering at New York’s Sunshine Theatre on April 11, and you can watch a trailer for it below. The project is intended to be a “visual re-imagining” of the record directed by frontman Tunde Adebimpe, who filmed various New Yorkers talking about topics like love, dreams, and fame, then intercut them with music videos for every song on the album created by friends of the band and filmmakers they respect—sort of like Michael Stipe’s recent project for R.E.M.’s Collapse Into Now, but not so pretentious that they can’t use the word “music video,” apparently. Anyway, here’s the first glimpse. It has cartoon karate classes, dramatic chase scenes, an elderly woman in a Puerto Rican boxing uniform, Kyp Malone covered in wires, and hints of nudity.