Sometimes greatness comes from unexpected places. Video editor Patrick Nan saw a piece of fairly by-the-numbers mashup fan art that envisioned Bruce Lee wielding golden lightsaber nunchucks against, like, a bunch of Kylo Rens or something, and decided to make that shit a reality. The result is a 90-second clip from 1972's Fist Of Fury, now with approximately 200% more lightsabers, depending on how you do the math. It is an entirely more impressive affair than it has any right being, with a block of wood convincingly seared by the laser-weapon, and even an appearance by those golden nunchuck-sabers, about which we can only say, good. Good for you, Patrick Nan, good for humanity, good for film history. This needed to be.

You will recall that, previously, lightsabers were added to Game Of Thrones, with spiriting results. (Arya’s was purple.) The Fists Of Fury video is a deeper cut with a better edit, boding well for the future of the “adding-lightsabers-to-shit” genre of internet video.


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