Rabbit Hole | Official Trailer | Paramount+

RH isn’t as much a cautionary tale as it is a crime caper made for entertainment. It looks slick and expensive, with quality production design, cinematography, and direction. But the show can also get corny, like a wrongful arrest scene where John gets everyone on the street to chant “We see you” at the cops. Or when he’s kidnapping someone and says, “Patty Hearst had to be easier than this.” Cue the eye roll.

There are missteps in pacing because, after a slow start, Rabbit Hole suddenly shifts gears. The writing for characters beyond the four leads is downright tragic, especially for the FBI’s Jo Madi (Enid Graham). The financial crimes agent persistently follows John everywhere, hoping to arrest him by ... chatting him up? Making clear she’s gunning for him? Oversharing her personal life? She does all of these things, sometimes while belittling her wife and teen daughter in the process. It’s a confusing arc that, at least in the first four episodes, doesn’t improve.

Although Rabbit Hole arrives the same weekend as the return of Succession and Yellowjackets, it isn’t a prestige drama. It’s also not a thoughtful spy series like the recent Slow Horses. And that’s okay. It’s more of an “enjoy as you go” thrill ride. The four main performances are terrific. Dance and Yang get to play fast and loose with comedy, and Sutherland and Golding share an exciting chemistry. The show thrives on pulling the rug out from under us and delivering its twists with panache. Rabbit Hole doesn’t take itself seriously—so the audience doesn’t have to either.


Rabbit Hole premieres March 26 on Paramount+.