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Release date of Michael Wolff’s Trump book bumped up to tomorrow

Photo: Getty Images, Alex Wong

In what is easily the smartest marketing move of the year so far, publishing company Henry Holt has bumped up the release date of Michael Wolff’s apparently epic Trump exposé Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White to tomorrow, January 5. It was originally supposed to be released next Tuesday, but some particularly vicious excerpts released yesterday in a New York magazine article and a breakdown from Wolff via The Hollywood Reporter have boosted the public’s interest in the book so high that its preorders are now tearing up Amazon’s book charts. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is already on damage control, with Trump’s legal team trying to figure out how it can block the release of Fire And Fury.

Unfortunately for them, the book will be in stores tomorrow, and it’s probably going to sell a ton of copies to people who are now more curious about it than they would’ve been if the Trump administration hadn’t immediately freaked out. Wolff also tweeted about the release-date change, thanking Trump for bringing more attention to his book:


[via CNN]

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