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Richard Linklater's back with another great anti-Ted Cruz ad, this time about cheeseburgers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The midterms rapidly approaching, and, though citizens are preparing for their own local elections, the majority of Americans are so grossed out by Texas senator Ted Cruz that they’ve also taken a vested interest in seeing him run off by rising Democrat Beto O’Rourke. Cruz is currently ahead in the polls, Texas being a red state and all, but at least one local boy is hoping to see him kick dirt. Earlier this month, local filmmaker Richard Linklater teamed with the Fire Ted Cruz PAC for a hilarious anti-Cruz ad that featured straight-talking local Sonny Carl Davis giving the rubbery-lipped senator a piece of his mind. Now, the duo have returned with another ad, this one finding Davis taking issue with Cruz’s taste in fast food.

Here, Davis is responding to Cruz’s characterization of O’Rourke as “a Triple Meat Whataburger liberal who is out of touch with Texas values.” His brow furrowed, Davis says, “A triple-meat What-A-Burger liberal? What does that even mean, Ted? Everybody I know in Texas likes What-A-Burger.” After a clip in which Cruz awkwardly praises White Castle’s “little burgers,” Davis, a lifelong Texan, proclaims that “I don’t even know what is.” He goes on to jab at Cruz’s Canadian heritage, which was a favorite topic of Donald Trump when the two were squaring off in 2016.


Of course, what really resonates out of these ads isn’t the talking points so much as it is Davis’ continued bafflement at Cruz’s campaign promises and attacks, as well as the senator’s ideas regarding what actually matters to most Texans. He’s not wrong: Cruz’s words routinely sound as if a neural network was loaded with chatter from Texas conservatives, then unleashed in a garble that hits all the buzzwords while lacking in any identifiable personality or humanity.

Fingers crossed that more of these are on the way.

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