Ryan Seacrest Has Free Time in the Morning Now

Mind you, this man only quit last month. One might think he was enjoying the opportunity to sleep in (at least until he has to record his morning radio show), but instead he uses the extra time to walk “through the forest” looking “for the beans of coffee” to “harvest.” He is also still tuning into the show that he recently quit. “I have to say, I’ve been watching—you guys are so great,” he praised. “I love Mark doing the teases. I love the promos I see. I love the game.”


Things only devolved further when Ripa and Consuelos played a game to guess if the ex-host had “started an animal movement class” or if he’s “been studying dendrology, the study of trees” (!!!) with all that free time. As a clue, Seacrest began crawling along the studio stage like a creature.

Ryan Tries to Win a Mug From Mark

Strange antics we’ve seen from Seacrest in his many years on television, but this may take the cake. A period of adjustment is only to be expected in retirement, although, again, Seacrest is not remotely retired. Maybe he’ll come to terms with having (part of) his mornings off; maybe someone needs to offer him another job lest he begin scuttling across the forest floor like a cryptid. Whatever the case may be, Mr. Seacrest, you are in our thoughts and prayers.