Appearing to have been willed into being by the collective, fevered imagination of The A.V. Club—but technically directed by Michael Mohan—the bittersweet romantic comedy Save The Date stars Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie as two sisters entangled in love affairs they're not entirely sure they want to be a part of, because they're saving themselves for you. Not really, but there's undoubtedly a certain amount of wish fulfillment going on here for certain factions of our readership: Brie and Caplan chat casually about sex right up top, while Caplan is also seen frequently enjoying it. Brie's fiancĂ©e is played by Caplan's fellow Party Down alum Martin Starr. His bandmate and Caplan's would-be fiancĂ©e, were she not so adorably hesitant about commitment, is played by Geoffrey Arend, who receives the karmic payback for being married to Christina Hendricks in real life by having Caplan reject his fictional marriage proposal here, then enduring the humiliation of seeing her with some other guy.

These critic-friendly actors and the film's charmingly droll humor won over a lot of people at Sundance—among them, not surprisingly, Nathan Rabin at something called "The Onion A.V. Club," whose blurb pops up here in the trailer and on the poster as an endorsement for that blog's readers to check it out. Even though we're pretty sure they're already on board.