Offering your first look at an actual, completed David O. Russell film that it is too late for him to walk out on (though nobody make any sudden movements), here is the trailer for Silver Linings Playbook, a movie that finds The Fighter director returning to the comedy of neurosis that colored his earlier work like Spanking The Monkey and Flirting With Disaster with its tale of two clearly insane people in love. And while normally that may not rate as blockbuster material, said insane people happen to be two of today's most popular stars: Bradley Cooper plays a recently released mental patient with myriad self-control issues; Jennifer Lawrence plays his recently widowed neighbor with her own emotional problems. Their meet-crazy involves bonding over meds and ballroom dancing, and their unstable chemistry crowds out nearly everything else in this trailer, including Robert De Niro basically doing his Meet The Fockers simmer as Cooper's dad and especially—speaking of skittish things—Chris Tucker, in his first non-Rush Hour role in 15 years. Yes, Chris Tucker. Fifteen years. Lots of crazy up in this.