If you went to see Loud Cars Smash Bang Twist Shia (aka Transformers) this week, you might have seen a mysterious teaser trailer for the new mysterious movie from mystery manufacturer, expert time-waster, and Lost producer, J.J. Abrams.
The trailer (which you can watch here, for a while, anyway) reveals the movie's release date (January 18) and a shady bit of the movie's plot (a roaring noise terrorizes Manhattan!) all while hammering home the point that, in the event of a NYC-based impending apocalypse, most New Yorkers would tune in to NY1 for up-to-the-minute briefs about their possible demise. The trailer does not, however, reveal much else about the movie, including its title. But since this is J.J. Abrams, there is already an annoying, involved mythology being built around the movie, with clues scattered all over the Internet, like so many marketing breadcrumbs. (More on that here.) Below, you'll find the finest bootleg of the trailer the Internet (temporarily) has to offer.

Apparently, the movie's working title is Cloverfield, which doesn't really fit. Here's a list of other, more appropriate titles: Maybe Godzilla? Smoke Monster Takes Manhattan The (American) Host Exciting Stuff For A While, Then An Uninteresting Infertility Subplot Takes Over Everyone's A Grifter! Please Not Voltron Attack Of The Invisible Armies Of Jacob 'Splosions! #2:The Day Statue Of Liberty Exploded, #1: The Day I Met You