Sean Hannity hates a lot of people and things—44th President Barack Obama, immigrants, practical healthcare solutions, and, of course, fact-based reporting. One of the only things he does seem to love is blowing fat clouds, as evidenced by a great clip of the Fox News star enjoying a rip from his vape pen recently tweeted out by none other than Harry Shearer.

Watch as Hannity takes a quick break from his regular work of attempting to destroy the fabric of reality for his viewers to ruin, instead, the productivity of anyone with good sense enough to put this clip on repeat for the rest of the day.


There’s real artistry to the composition of the video, which starts with a confident Hannity declaring, “Watch this,” before retrieving his cigarette-shaped vape pen, lodging it in the corner of his mouth like a dead-eyed Popeye, and performing an angry-dragon exhale through his nostrils.

The expression on Hannity’s face here is lovely. Still, as incredible as it may sound, it’s really only the second funniest video he’s been involved with over the last week. If the trade-off for helping fuel so much hatred and bigotry is this kind of entertainment … well, it’s still not worth it, but at least Hannity is finally offering something of value to the world.

[via Newsweek]