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Spike Lee wants to direct the Spider-Man spin-off Nightwatch

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Spider-Man: Homecoming revitalized the old web-slinger for Sony, so the studio is understandably doubling down on any Spider-Man-adjacent property it has the rights to. We already have the Venom, Morbius, and Silver Sable/Black Cat spin-offs on the way, and now we might have another one in the works as The Wrap says that Spike Lee is interested in directing a movie about Marvel character Nightwatch for Sony.

Lee’s talks are still “in the very early stages,” so this isn’t a guarantee yet, but The Wrap has at least confirmed that he’s “eyeing” Nightwatch. The script, whether Lee signs on or not, was written by Marvel’s Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Choker.

Sony has suggested that its Spider-Man spin-offs won’t be explicitly connected to Homecoming, and Nightwatch seems particularly well-suited for this approach as it doesn’t require any connection to Spidey at all. In the comics, Nightwatch is a guy named Dr. Kevin Trench who gets rescued from a high-tech gang by a masked superhero called Nightwatch. When the hero dies, Trench takes off his mask and discovers that he superhero is actually him from the future. That will be a cool moment in the movie, so just forget that we spoiled it here.

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