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Black Cat/Silver Sable movie heroically lands Captain Marvel and Kingkiller Chronicle writers

The eventual Silver Sable and Black Cat may look slightly different. (Photos: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis and Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage, both via Getty Images)

Despite no longer actually having Spider-Man around, now that he’s off hanging out with Tony Stark, Sony continues to build out the Spider-Man cinematic universe, because what’s better than a world built around everyone but the character who made that world exist in the first place?

We first reported on the plan by the studio to create a movie for Black Cat and Silver Sable, called Silver And Black, back in August of last year. The film is scheduled for release on February 8, 2019, giving the studio less than a year to write, cast, and shoot what is presumably a massively expensive superhero film, which is a great recipe for making a movie that looks like it was really hastily assembled. Nonetheless, at least there are now people to write that script: The Wrap reports Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet are on board to pen the screenplay for the adventures of the mercenary Silver Sable and sometime cat burglar/martial arts badass Black Cat.


The two are already familiar with crafting wannabe blockbusters: Beer is writing the screenplay for Sam Raimi’s Kingkiller Chronicle film (as well as the upcoming Daisy Ridley/Tom Holland sci-fi epic Chaos Walking, speaking of Spider-Men), and Robertson-Dworet wrote Captain Marvel, as well as the new Tomb Raider adaptation. Of course, literally none of the multiple projects they’ve written have been released yet—or even filmed, in the case of a number of them—so we have no way of knowing whether this is good news. Nonetheless, it’s evidence this movie is actually still being made, stupidly rushed timeline and all. It will be interesting to see what degree it will acknowledge the only other film set in the same universe: Tom Hardy’s Venom, coming in October.

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