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Sponsored: Sexy Aliens in Pop Culture

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Aliens in pop culture have generally been either scary (Alien) or friendly (E.T.), but rarely have they been particularly sexy. In this post, sponsored by American Dad, we present some of the sexiest aliens in film and television, inspired by the show’s own Roger, whose various personas have explored every sexual orientation known to man, and then some.


Scarlett Johansson as the unnamed alien in Under The Skin (2013)

In this creepy, nearly wordless science-fiction film by Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Birth), Scarlett Johansson’s body is inhabited by some sort of unknowable creature that preys on men and somehow consumes them. She barely needs to talk—her looks are bait enough to get the man back to her strange lair.

David Bowie as Thomas Jerome Newton in The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976)

David Bowie could’ve played just about any part in the 1970s and it would’ve turned out sexy, but he chose to play an earthbound alien in The Man Who Fell To Earth. He comes here looking for water to save his own planet, but naturally he meets a female earthling who wants to show him the ropes. Things go south from there.

Natasha Henstridge as Sil in Species (1995)

When scientists receive a message from outer space detailing how to make an alien-human hybrid, they decide the progeny should be female—since it would be more docile. It turns out sexy—the risqué marketing for Species alone made Natasha Henstridge a star, at least briefly—but also super deadly. She must mate, and she doesn’t mind killing.


Tim Curry as Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

The character of Frank N. Furter is described as a “transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania,” which might—to the uninitiated—make him seem like a creature of this planet. But his Transylvania is actually a whole other galaxy—one that produces sexy, frequently friendly humanoids of ambiguous gender.


Tricia Helfer as Number Six in Battlestar Galactica (2004)

When Cylons figured out how to look like humans, they were smart about their visual choices: Tricia Helfer plays Number Six, a tall, blond seductress who’s capable of using her looks and her commanding physicality to get what she (or, y’know, the aliens) want.


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