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Stephen Colbert interviews Emma Stone, only wants to talk about elves

In the new reality-hopping Netflix series, Maniac, Emma Stone ends up wearing an elf costume. She wears her hair blond and in long braids as elves always have, has pointy ears as all elves do, and walks around with a bow and arrow in true elvish fashion. Basically, she looks exactly like Orlando Bloom did while playing Legolas in The Lord Of The Rings.


During a recent interview on noted Lord Of The Rings fan podcast The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Stone’s elf look was, of course, discussed. While Colbert took the opportunity to grill the actor on her fantasy genre and Tolkien bona fides (which are apparently nonexistent), he also managed to bring up Orlando Bloom’s thoughts on her costume by revisiting an Instagram post made about the role from last fall.

Bloom, as the post shows, approved. Along with a couple of crying face emojis, he called Stone “a true elven sista [sic]” and said that the platinum blond hairstyle has been “improved upon.” He’s a truly magnanimous elf. Stone seems to appreciate the compliment despite Colbert saying that Bloom’s Legolas is “slightly prettier than you are” and promises to finally watch The Lord Of The Rings—as long as Colbert is there with her, which, honestly, would be a great time.

It should also be noted that, even if you don’t care about inter-elf relations or The Lord Of The Rings, the clip is still well worth watching because Emma Stone is also holding an adorable puppy called Dwayne “The Dog” Johnson throughout the interview. Even the Dark Lord Sauron’s icy heart would melt at that sight of it snoozing peacefully during the chat.

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