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At the end of last week, Taylor Swift launched The Swift Life, a social media app meant to act as an oasis from the tumultuous, politics-laden world of the internet, a place where fans of Taylor Swift could peaceably discuss and fawn over their favorite thing: Taylor Swift. Unfortunately, as The Daily Beast reports, that dream died a mere 48 hours after its inception, when Trump supporters and outspoken homophobes invaded the app, as is the fate of all social networks, ever.


While the app itself, as UPROXX describes it, is like “Instagram meets a cheap, scatterbrained mobile game that has too many different types of currencies and rewards systems to make sense of,” there is a feature that allows Swift fans to talk to one another and discuss their opinions, specifically about how great Taylor Swift is. But a recent post from a seemingly reluctant yet defensive Trump supporter was heavily liked and shared, much to the dismay of non-Trump supporting Swifties. Things only got worse when the discussion continued in the post’s comments where one user felt the need to say, “I just don’t accept gays, lesbians, and bisexuals.”

According to The Daily Beast, the debate spilled over onto Twitter as fans were hit by the realization that they may not have much in common besides their passionate love of the same 28-year-old pop singer. Left-leaning Swifties declared the app “dead.” Conservative Swifties wailed about their right to free speech being taken away. Meanwhile, foreign fans accused Americans of the greatest sin of all: “distracting from Taylor.”

It’s possible this heated, partisan debate could be settled by the titular Swift stepping down from her throne made of a thousand broken acoustic guitars and declaring her own political opinions, or, at the very least, distancing herself from active hate groups. But, given her track record, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.


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