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The Goonies cast is still holding out hope for a sequel

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The 1985 adventure movie The Goonies holds a special place in the heart of many ’80s kids. It’s kind of a Stranger Things before there was a Stranger Things, as dorky pals like Mikey, Stef, Mouth, Data, and Chunk et al. discover a treasure map that leads them to secret caves, treacherous traps, and some creepy looking pirates. Leads Sean Astin (Mikey), Corey Feldman (Mouth), and Ke Huy Quan (Data) appeared at Fan Expo Canada over the weekend, and they were asked the question they are apparently asked quite often: What are the chances for a Goonies sequel, now thirtysome years later after the original?


According to comicbook.com, “A sequel to The Goonies, long said to be in the works under original director-producer Richard Donner, will happen ‘someday,’” according to the original Goonies in attendance. Donner was aided in the original by screenwriter Chris Columbus and producer Steven Spielberg. Astin told the crowd, “The audience wants it, they’re gonna do it, it’s annoying it’s taking so long, I’m sorry on behalf of Steven Spielberg.” Quan chimed in: “Someday. Someday it’ll happen.”

Part of the complications of reuniting the large cast includes the fact that their careers have gone in wildly different directions: Josh Brolin (Brand) is now a vital part of the MCU, for example, while Jeff Cohen (Chunk) is an entertainment lawyer. A reboot might be more reasonable, perhaps with cast members like Aston, Quan, and Feldman playing the dads of a second generation of Goonies, or something. After all, Sean Astin just had a tremendous turn as Stranger Things’ heroic Bob in season two. Meanwhile, the cast just seems happy to hang out and reunite in real life when they can: “What is great about our relationship is that sometimes we’re busy doing things, and so we don’t see each other that often, but when we do see each other, the love is always there,” Quan stated. “Goonies bonded us for life.”