Just a week after its poster debuted with all its creepy, George Romero-esque promises of ambulatory Muppets, finally we get a better look at what Jason Segel has been up to all this time with Jim Henson’s creations—and thankfully, there’s nary a Muppet gam in sight. In fact, for most of this trailer you won’t see a single Muppet full stop, as Segel and co-star Amy Adams serve up what appears to be standard rom-com fare that probably would have been misleading if we hadn’t spent the preceding year or so hanging on every Muppets casting announcement. Still, try to act surprised when Kermit The Frog, Miss Piggy, et al. show up to wreak their usual Muppet-y mayhem—and while it would have been nice to get less misdirection and more of that “Muppet domination” the trailer promises, Thanksgiving is still a ways off, with many more previews to come. In the meantime: Hey, Muppets!