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The original Michael Myers is returning for David Gordon Green's Halloween

(Photo: Getty Images, Fotos International)

Here’s a story that should be prefaced by Dr. Sam Loomis running in and making a dramatic speech about how pure evil can never truly be killed, so we must always be prepared to stab it in the eye, shoot it, and shove it off a balcony whenever possible. That’s still never enough, though, which is probably why original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle has reportedly returned to reprise his role as “The Shape” in David Gordon Green’s upcoming Halloween revival. That’s according to The Wrap, which also notes that this movie will be the “final confrontation” between Michael and Jamie Lee Curtis—who is reprising her role as Laurie Strode from the original film.

We previously reported that the movie will sort of be an “alternate reality” where the Halloween sequels didn’t happen, and co-writer Danny McBride said that it will also ditch the supernatural immortality that Michael got later in the series. Other than that (and the fact that a familiar person will now be wearing Michael’s Captain Kirk mask), we don’t know much about this new Halloween. (Also, for any hardcore Halloween fans, Tony Moran played the mask-less Michael in the original movie, while Castle did most of the other work.)


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