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The To-Do List

When screenwriter Maggie Carey and husband Bill Hader presented a live reading of Carey's latest script at last year's Austin Film Festival—with the help of Aubrey Plaza, Colin Hanks, Jessica Alba, and more—the raunchy story of a wallflower valedictorian out to lose her virginity before college was called The Hand Job. It's got the far less salacious title of The To-Do List now, but as a consolation, this R-rated preview features plenty of Aubrey Plaza talking about handjobs—and blowjobs, and rimjobs, and lots of other sex stuff. All the sex.


The film's Valentine's Day premiere is still pretty far off, so at this point it's mostly just talk—specifically, Aubrey Plaza's usual deadpan sort of talk—but there are also some shots of actual footage featuring co-stars like Hader, Andy Samberg, Scott Porter, Connie Britton, and Alia Shawkat, as well as some of Plaza actually receiving some of these things she's doing so much talking about. That includes a cunnilingus scene between Plaza and her former NBC Thursday night neighbor Donald Glover, which is real and no longer just your weird fan-fiction crossover fantasy.

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