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The To-Do List

The era of the '90s-throwback sex comedy is upon us with The To-Do List, featuring Aubrey Plaza as a high school valedictorian who decides to gain more sexual experience before heading off to college in the most Type-A fashion possible. It’s the directorial debut of Maggie Carey, who previously created The Jeannie Tate Show with Liz Cackowski, where Plaza had one of her first notable roles. As the red-band trailer shows, the cast is absolutely stacked, from Andy Samberg and Carey’s husband Bill Hader to Friday Night Lights stars Connie Britton and Scott Porter, and even Agent Coulson himself, Clark Gregg. And that’s not all, as the cast list title card in the trailer barely has enough room for all the supporting performances. Be on the lookout for the all the '90s accouterments, from TrapperKeepers to skorts to Clinton/Gore memorabilia.


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