Clint Eastwood, last seen demanding that the whole wide world get off his lawn in Gran Torino, has an even larger geographical area which he would like everyone to remove themselves from in The Trouble With The Curve. The 82-year-old's return to acting—after threatening to reserve his growls for behind the camera and, occasionally, for berating America—once more finds him dealing with damn stupid kids who think they know everything. This time it's the game of baseball, where a parade of youngsters like Justin Timberlake and even his own daughter, played by Amy Adams, try to act like they know something about being a baseball scout, even though they've got their noses stuck in computers or have vaginas. Of course, Trouble promises eventually to erode that grizzled exterior, until Eastwood reconnects with Adams and probably even snarls his blessing to her burgeoning romance with Timberlake. But along the way there are plenty of people like Matthew Lillard who get a little bit of grumbling Eastwood wisdom like a line drive right into in their smug, stupid faces.