Despite some relatively loud Internet hype and a coveted debut slot before The Hunger Games in theaters, the 45-second teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part Two isn't really anything to write home about, unless—God forbid—your parents are shrieking Twilight-hungry fan monkeys. Though Breaking Dawn, the book,is more or less all about its somewhat-anticlimactic battle scene involving all manner of vampire and wolves, as far as this trailer's concerned, Breaking Dawn, the movie, is all about Edward and now-fully-vamped Bella touching, and the former's wonderment that they're "the same temperature now." The whole thing ends with Kristen Stewart's Bella glaring at a wandering doe with all the intensity she can muster, which is to say not much. It's more of a whimper than a whopper, but, hey, teens already have The Hunger Games to be excited about right now anyway.