Picking up just moments after last season’s explosion of the CDC, the second round of The Walking Dead finds the ragtag coalition of survivors saying goodbye to Atlanta and setting off in search of greener pastures. Unfortunately, most of those pastures are littered with corpses, and to get there they’ll have to cross a highway jammed with broken zombies on a last chance power drive to eat their brains, which definitely makes things complicated. Also complicated: The relationships between various members of the group, many of whom seem to be threatening to splinter off into various factions and go their separate ways. (Hopefully this doesn’t mean the show will follow a Lost formula, where everyone splits up only to spend every episode after attempting to reunite.) Everything else, however, remains pretty simple, as it’s all about the grimly repetitive day-to-day survival in a world beset by undead walkers. Even last season’s love triangle finally seems headed for a resolution, in favor of concentrating more on the grisly business at hand. And who knows—with that out of the way, we might even get to learn more about the other characters, and start to care about whether they get eaten.