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This trailer for Taylor Swift's 24-hour VOD channel needs more snakes

DirecTV is getting ready to launch its “all day Tay-Tay” service, Taylor Swift Now, which will give their subscribers access to an infinite feed of her videos, her songs, her concerts, her marketing ploys–we mean, feuds. Now a new trailer frames the 24-hour VOD channel in more of a Truman Show light. A voice narrates Swift’s actions, including a fight with Andy Samberg, who never met a digital short idea he didn’t like. And guess what? Swift is like the rest of us—she eats, draws caricatures, beats up comedians, and eschews office etiquette. She also likes to pretend to be John McClane and crawl through the vents, we gather. She even plays with a cat in the studio, though there are no snakes in sight. Maybe she reserves those for more formal occasions, like music video callouts.


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