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Tig Notaro blows Southern minds in the trailer for One Mississippi season 2

As Tig Notaro’s Amazon series One Mississippi settles into its second season, fish out of water Tig (Notaro) is starting to get comfortable in her new home in Biloxi, Mississippi. If only the people there were comfortable with her. The trailer for the show’s new season shows Tig being accosted by well-meaning Christians promising to help her “pray the gay away,” although Tig would prefer to “pray the gay to stay.” At least Kate (Stephanie Allynne), the producer of Tig’s radio show, is more open minded—whether she’s open minded enough to date Tig, though, remains to be seen.

One Mississippi returns for a new season of dysfunctional-family dramedy and Louis CK subtweets on Friday, September 8.


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