In Finch, Hanks continues his attention-grabbing penchant for one-person star vehicles (trading in volleyball for an adorable dog and Caleb Landry Jones’ robot sidekick), but told Kimmel that being part of a comedy duo with Scolari was a lifelong pleasure. Telling Kimmel that he and fellow Bosom Buddies veteran Holland Taylor had lunch just last week, the now Hollywood icon reminisced about the days when two hungry actors made life miserable for TV directors unused to dealing with a couple of improv-happy goofballs. Hanks recalled the time one particularly no-nonsense director’s schoolmaster-style discipline caused the equally strong-headed Scolari to threaten to storm into the booth (presumably in panty hose) and direct the show himself. Sending love to Scolari’s wife and children, the now 65-year-old Hanks returned from the Bosom Buddies clip visibly choked up at the sight of two startlingly young actors and friends with some 40 years ahead of them.