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Trace the evolution of Keanu Reeves’ acting ability

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Keanu Reeves is making a triumphant entry into movie theaters this weekend with John Wick: Chapter 2, an exemplary sequel in his new successful franchise effort. But much as we love us some Reeves in action movies like John Wick, Speed, Point Break, and the Matrixes, let’s face it, his acting ability has never been what he’s really known for. Still, after 30-some years on screen, we have to say that Keanu Reeves, actor, has come a long way. For proof, Burger Fiction has put together a video compilation called “The Evolution Of Keanu Reeves,” which consists of 15 minutes of highlights from Reeves’ films, from 1985’s One Step Away all the way through Wick 2.

It’s an entertaining romp, as Reeves has been in a lot of fun movies throughout his long career. In addition to all those mentioned above, he has appeared in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, its sequel (the same year as Point Break), and The Replacements, as well as some more extreme departures like the digitally rotoscoped A Scanner Darkly, or himself as a talking cat in Keanu. As we see his film career flash before our eyes in this video, a few things become immediately clear: Dude should never, ever try accents. He mangles them all, from an English one in Dangerous Liaisons and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a Southern one in The Devil’s Advocate, and a New Jersey one—we think? Maybe New York?—in Tune In Tomorrow… There are times when he surprisingly nails the bit part, as a beat-down doctor in Thumbsucker, a scary redneck in The Gift, or a scarier motel owner in The Neon Demon. But what this enjoyable montage makes clear is what the box-office receipts will prove this weekend: Keanu Reeves is never better than when he’s in an action movie, taking on some unlucky someone full force.

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