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Travel to a dark world of colorful fairies in the video for Björk's "The Gate"

(Photo: Getty Images/AFP, Malte Kristiansen)

The average Björk song tends to take the listener on a journey through a world of magic and fairies, and this video for new single “The Gate” makes that sort of literal. It opens with Björk on a windswept hill of some kind, playing a flute for some weird, amorphous Pokémon, and then it drops into a world of darkness that is only lit by Björk’s magical orb of twisting light, at which point some dancing fairy skeletons arrive and transfer Björk’s orb around as they all revel in its light and power. In other words, it’s pretty normal stuff.

“The Gate” will be available on Björk’s upcoming new album, which she compared to Tinder and said is about the search for love and the “utopia” of being in love.


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