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Twitter openly values one account above all others, but at least everyone else will soon be on the same glorious pedestal. Back in September, Twitter announced that a select number users would have their character limit raised from 140 characters to 280, and the lucky few who received Jack Dorsey’s blessing were quick to embrace their newfound godhood by posting unnecessarily wordy complaints and repeating the same jokes about adding a message board-style signature to every tweet in order to properly utilize their 280 characters. Meanwhile, the ones who still had 140 were pushed around and treated like garbage, forced to immediately scroll past every 280-character tweet because they’re stupid and too long while cursing their own inability to embrace verbosity.

Now, that’s all changing. Despite the fact that everyone seems to think the 280-character thing is stupid and pointless, Twitter has determined that the test run was successful enough to begin rolling out the change to everybody. Twitter posted a blog post explaining how the people with 280 characters got more “engagement,” more followers, and spent more time on Twitter, even though at least one of those is objectively bad, and it also has some data on how a lot of people who had the 280 characters only used them when they really needed to.


The new limit hasn’t hit everybody yet, but it should be available on all accounts—at least the ones using properly updated Twitter clients—shortly.

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