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Watch Nick Cave’s somber video for “I Need You,” from his recording studio doc

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ new album, Skeleton Tree—just released today—is kind of a gut punch. More so than even your typical collection of Nick Cave songs. Recorded shortly after the tragic falling death of his 15-year-old son, the tracks are saturated with grief.

For reasons that seem sort of masochistic, Cave invited a film crew into the studio for the recording process. The result is Andrew Dominik’s making-of documentary One More Time With Feeling, featuring interviews with the Seeds and narration by Cave himself. To coincide with Skeleton Tree’s release, he had this excerpt from the film uploaded to YouTube. If you heard “I Need You” already and didn’t think it could get more emotionally grueling, prepare to be wrong.

One More Time With Feeling began its very short theatrical run yesterday. The musician’s website says it’s only in cinemas until September 11. Take a look at the trailer to get a feel for what you probably won’t get a chance to see on the big screen.

And in this other excerpt from the film, Cave records “Jesus Alone,” the first track off the album, which is already getting fantastic reviews.

Nick Cave—Skeleton Tree

1. Jesus Alone

2. Rings Of Saturn

3. Girl In Amber

4. Magneto

5. Anthrocene

6. I Need You

7. Distant Sky

8. Skeleton Tree

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