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Watch Sean Hannity's full descent into conspiracy theorist

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sean Hannity, the raised pustule on Fox News’ festering, America’s-armpit-distending boil, has become truly unhinged. The election of his main man, Donald Trump, to President Of The United States has, far from giving the ol’ Han Sandwich a degree of peace, seemed to cause him no end of worries.

From the vilest ongoing reaction to Roy Moore’s pedophilia scandal down to his absolutely level-headed charts tracking Clinton malfeasance, Hannity seems to have been going further and further out to sea.


A lovely video from Vox traces Hannity’s talking points as he moves from Alex Jones-echoing evocations of the “deep state” to his regular, Hillary-centric segments focused on email transcripts and (what else?) a refusal to let the disproved Uranium One scandal die. Vox also brings in senior reporter Alvin Chang to carry everything home, demonstrating the paranoid depths of Hannity’s favorite topics by comparing subjects on Reddit conspiracy boards with the news programs that discuss these same issues. It’s no surprise which bipedal garden slug, oozing through the damp earth of Fox News, is shown to be most receptive to far-out theorizing.

It’s a good watch, summing up some of the fevered nightmares Hannity regularly presents as journalistic truth to his viewers. And if it all seems trivial within the context of the modern American political landscape, the video makes sure to show the importance of its findings by comparing the overlapping timing of Trump scandals, vital for the country to understand, with Hannity’s decision to broadcast, instead, on various, besides-the-point conspiracies.


Next up, we assume, is a much longer video detailing how, exactly, this piece of shit manages to sleep at night.