Every once in a while, a pop culture "controversy" will bubble to the surface like so many frothy vomit punchlines told by Glenn Beck, and it will fill you with a vague fog of rage. Certainly something about it makes you angry, but you're not sure what. You need to hone your ire, whittle it down to a sharp prison yard shank of emotion—and The Hater is here to help you. Together we can harness your negativity, which, as we all know, is a great source of energy.  Let's Choose Your Outrage!

This morning on The Today Show Al Roker nearly choked on his own guffaw, and Natalie Morales had to run over from her "Bangs will make your face look slightly less fat" segment to give him the Heimlich Maneuver.  Unfortunately, he recovered just in time to interview NBC stars Heidi and Spencer Pratt about how they're awful people who create tons of publicity for mind-grindingly dull NBC summer reality series that shouldn't exist. "Are you proud of what you've done?" Roker asked the pair no less than an hour after hosting a cooking segment about, no joke, a French Fry salad.

The interview is already being called a "battle" in which Roker "grilled" his NBC colleagues, while Heidi is claiming she was "attacked."

Choose Your Outrage!

The Worst Part About This Is:

a. That Frangela are cited as a source.

b. That it forces you to side with either noted French Fry salad maker Al Roker or professional assholes Heidi & Spencer.


c. That Al Roker apparently thinks he's somehow better than Heidi & Spencer.

d. When Al Roker acts as if Heidi & Spencer weren't just doing the job NBC hired them to do, i.e. act like complete assholes (not hard for them) and create a lot of attention for a network show whose main premise was "get the lesser Baldwins to eat bugs."


e. That Al Roker brandishes a stack of thoroughly researched notes, compiled by a probably overworked production assistant for hours the day before, all so a jolly-time morning show weatherman can totally nail two non-people about how they're jerks.

f. That at no point in the interview are the blond lichens growing on Spencer's chin addressed.


g. That Heidi & Spencer get "grilled" but Meredith lets the Duggars escape The Today Show without asking them, "Are you proud of what you've done? Seriously, what's wrong with you?"

h. All of the above.