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Who is the True Detective?!

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Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Sunday, August 9. All times are Eastern.

Top pick

True Detective (HBO, 9 p.m.): It’s been a long and arduous road, but True Detective has made it to its second season finale. Now, finally, Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell, and Vince Vaughn can duke it out to find out who amongst them is the truest of true detectives.
(Note: we don’t actually know what’s going to happen in this finale. But Emily Stephens will soon enough!)


Also noted

Masters Of Sex (Showtime, 10 p.m.): Two and a half seasons in, Gwen Ihnat has decided to hang up her Masters Of Sex reviewing hat. Tonight will be her final review, just in time for Johnson’s parents to drop by; John Teti will pick up where she left off next week.

Regular coverage

Humans (AMC, 9 p.m.)
Halt And Catch Fire (AMC, 10 p.m.)
Ballers (HBO, 10:30 p.m.)
The Brink (HBO, 10:30 p.m.)

Classic coverage

The Simpsons (3 p.m.): It’s Les Chappell’s turn to visit Springfield for an in-depth look at Apu in “The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons.”


What else is on?

Making Of A Lady (PBS, 9:30 p.m.): ‘Sup, PBS? “A young woman working as a lady’s companion marries her employer’s nephew, a wealthy widower in need of an heir. But after he leaves to join his regiment in India, she’s left with his nephew and nephew’s wife, who may not be all that they seem.” Yup, that’s all in order. Carry on.


Falling Skies (TNT, 10 p.m.): Hey, we haven’t checked in on Falling Skies in a while. What’s up, aliens? “The 2nd Mass arrives at a safe haven—a functional military base run by Weaver’s old colleague and flame, Captain Katie Marshall. As the two groups make plans for the final assault on the Espheni, the 2nd Mass begins to realize that things aren’t exactly as they seem” Neat!

Ray Donovan (Showtime, 11 p.m.): And we really haven’t checked in on Ray Donovan, so what’s up with you guys, huh? “Mickey and Daryll sell a coke-and-hooker party to a Silicon Valley start-up.” Okay!


America. The Beautiful (Travel Channel, 7:30 p.m.): A new series exploring the geological wonders of the United States kicks off with an episode devoted to Yosemite. Or, to use Travel Channel’s grammar: An episode. Devoted to Yosemite.

Grease (ABC Family, 9 p.m.): The world’s oldest teenagers sing about love, loss, and ejaculate.


Sunday Night Football: Preseason: Vikings vs Steelers (NBC, 8 p.m.): Football is coming. Prepare your beer hats and/or bunkers.

In case you missed it

Under The Dome: Are you still watching Under The Dome? Gwen Ihnat’s still watching Under The Dome. And she thinks it’s pretty okay!