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Who wants to drop $350 on this "life-sized" Baby Yoda figurine?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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And so it’s come, at last, to this: After a shockingly restrained initial marketing campaign, the Baby Yodas have finally arrived. Very soon there will be a Baby Yoda in every home, looking whimsical, igniting our long-buried paternal instincts, and sometimes eating our frogs. Baby Yodas will peer out of closets, into the eyes of sleepless children, and deep into the souls of humanity itself. Baby Yoda will surround and flow through us, and we’ll all be comforted by the firm knowledge that every single one of these little suckers is an officially branded outreach of the Disney marketing machine. And when you, the readers of The A.V. Club, go shopping for the Baby Yoda in your lives, we know you’ll only want the most top-shelf dead-eyed little frog baby available. So: Who’s going to be the first to drop $350 on this “life-sized” Baby Yoda figure?


Produced by Sideshow Collectibles, this figure of “The Child”—Gretchen, stop trying to make “The Child” happen, please—is exactly what it suggests: A 16.5-inch tall recreation of The Mandalorian’s cheerful little charge, complete with his cool little robe, and that bit of the Mandalorian’s ship the scamp is always trying to steal. Sure, the empty, cold eyes aren’t quite as warm as the ones on the show, and that base is going to make it pretty dang hard to strap this little fella to your back. But for the Star Wars fan with more disposable income and empty cribs than sense, this seems like a pretty incredible purchase.

Also, we’re not saying this, but we’re kind of saying it: This would make the perfect bait for any Werner Herzog traps you were thinking about constructing.*


*Note: Please do not kidnap Werner Herzog, whether you purchase this expensive collectible or not.