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Zoo tries to save the person who wants to kill everyone in the craziest episode yet

Athena Karkanis as Abigail (Photo: Best Possible Screen Grab /CBS©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)
Athena Karkanis as Abigail (Photo: Best Possible Screen Grab /CBS©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)
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  • My gosh, you guys. Even by Zoo standards, that episode was bananas.
  • Bananas plot twist #1: Mere moments after leaving the plane and holing up in a Milwaukee motel room with Isaac, Dariela becomes the field manager at the IADG, leaving behind the child she just left the mission for (and where did that dog come from?). Then, basically her job consists of yelling at Abe to turn the beacon off, and telling Jackson and Logan to get out of the creepy pod place. I could do that. Hell, Isaac could do that. You just need key helpful phrases like “What? Talk to me!” “Give me some good news,” and “Get out of there now!”
  • Jackson is… not the brightest, is he? There’s no reason to believe that he would be able to get Abigail’s plan out of her even if she was alive. So his attempt to use the hybrid spinal fluid save his sister as opposed to all of humanity seems extremely misguided.
  • Abe couldn’t quite pull off that “Don’t die on me!”
  • “There’s only one person on this plane I’ll listen to, and she’s floating in a tank.” Slam!
  • Bananas plot twist #2: Jamie and Mitch/Duncan’s badass fight in the middle of the return of the invisible snake! Best part was when she just randomly slammed him against a window while chasing the snake.
  • Super-gross episode too, right? Searching around in spinal fluid, tearing the beacon thing out of Abigail’s neck, cutting open the snake to get the Mr. Duncan generator, and those creepy, squishy pod things
  • Max’s response to pesky technology that triggers beacons or makes his son a killer: Just smash.
  • Voice-activated safe combination: “Easy as pie.” Also, “Rosemary White” kicks off some crazy lighting schematics.
  • How did Clementine get out of that tank?
  • Final bananas plot twist: I was a little surprised when Abigail died, but straight-up shocked when she rose from the dead to shoot and stab everyone on the plane. Lucky that loaded gun was just sitting there. Do they all walk around with bulletproof vests on or what?
  • “Death is only the beginning.”
  • Next week: Looks like those shootings had a lot of survivors in an episode directed by Boxing Helena’s Jennifer Lynch. Also, Clementine gives birth already!