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Adonis preserves his father’s legacy in the official Creed trailer

The first Creed trailer was pretty cool, especially if you weren’t expecting the Michael B. Jordan-starring boxing movie to be a part of the Balboa Cinematic Universe. And while that twist only works once, this expanded trailer does still makes the movie look pretty good.


Adonis is an angry young man. We’re not sure exactly why, but he’s peeved enough at his departed father that he has to be talked into using his famous last name. (It’s not like Apollo Creed wanted to be face-punched to death by The Siberian Express.) Fortunately, Rocky Balboa and his upturned trilby step in to offer some mentorship. As the two train together, they recognize a shared emotional vacuum. Stallone is looking increasingly bloated and veiny due to old age (and possibly whatever pharmaceuticals needed to keep him in Expendables-ready shape), so when Rocky’s health takes a turn for the worse, he looks pretty convincing as a hospital patient. His not getting out of bed to hop in the ring for one last fight is a nice touch.

There’s some pleasantly familiar beats here, like Rocky ordering Adonis to play a round of “chase the chicken,” or seeing that even in gravestone form, Paulie is still a drunk. And if you were concerned that Rocky’s signature approach to the sweet science might not survive a major franchise shift, have no fear. Adonis and his opponents appear to be faithfully adhering to the Philly style of forsaking any defense, a dearth of jabs, zero bodywork, and exclusive reliance on knuckle-obliterating haymakers to the skull.

Adonis will make Chubbs Peterson smile down from heaven when Creed gets in the ring November 25.