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All rise, Perry Mason’s big trial is now in session

Matthew Rhys
Matthew Rhys
Photo: Merrick Morton/HBO

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Sunday, July 26. All times are Eastern.


Top pick

Perry Mason (HBO, 9 p.m.): Hot on the heels of both a series-best episode and a season-two renewal, Perry Mason is heading to court.

Okay, that’s not an episode preview—at the time of this writing, HBO hasn’t yet popped that sucker online—but it does seem likely that “Chapter 6” will warrant a stiff drink, so there, that’s how you make a proper French 75. Last week’s excellent episode ended with a big step forward in Perry’s origin story, wherein a dirtbag P.I. became a superstar legal combatant for justice, and with the trial of Emily Dodson (Gayle Rankin) right around the corner, it’s not a moment too soon. Allison Shoemaker will recap, and hopes that now, at long last, Perry (Matthew Rhys) will walk around in thought with his thumbs tucked into the armholes of his vest.

Regular coverage

The Alienist: Angel Of Darkness (TNT, 9 p.m., back-to-back episodes)

Wild cards

Time for another wild card lightning round:

John Lewis: In His Own Words (BET, 7:30 p.m.): Jericka Duncan of CBS news hosts this tribute to the late legendary congressman and civil rights icon.

Helter Skelter: An American Myth (Epix, 10 p.m.): Helter Skelter is full of detailed backstory and an impressively deep archive of vintage materials, everything from footage of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski’s wedding reception to newspaper clippings jeeringly dubbing Manson’s mother Kathleen Maddox the “Ketchup Bottle Bandit” after a failed stick-up. This vintage footage adds visual interest and a sense of time and place to the story, with the side effect of making the production designer and casting director of Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood seem really good at their jobs. (Seriously, it’s eerie.) The series’ structure, however, is not as impressive.” Read the rest of Katie Rife’s review here.

Wynonna Earp (Syfy, 10 p.m., fourth-season premiere): Earpers, rejoice! For the first time since 2018, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and company are back.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO, 11 p.m.): And last but not least, given, you know, everything, it’s another great week for a new Last Week Tonight.