One of the more enjoyable things about Lost are the show's flashes of self-awareness, like the everyone-coming-together montage scene set to cheesy music that was cut off abruptly when the batteries in Hurley's Discman died (apparently the only CD to survive the crash was an uplifting elevator music sampler). Then there are Sawyer's nicknames. I'm not sure when the writers realized that Sawyer's habit of addressing everyone by a colorful nickname was less of a personality quirk and more of a joke, but once they did, they ran with it. The only nicknames he hasn't used so far are "Pickleface," "Johnny 5," and "Ole' Gassy."

Now he basically speaks in strings of increasingly ridiculous monikers instead of sentences. The video below is a montage of all of Sawyer's nicknames from Seasons 1-3, but, with minimal editing, it could also very easily be a motivational speech Sawyer delivers to a small band of the survivors in the Season 4 finale.

I think the Lost writers should push this ongoing joke to its most absurd limit, and just have Sawyer talk only in nicknames. People isolated from others often develop their own language, right? This will be his. Sawyer can be the new Nell.

Locke: James, what'd you do with that gun?

Sawyer: Hoss'n babycakes, Sweetheart. Sunshine tee Skeletor sassafrass-face.

Locke: Dammit! Why would you give it to Kate? Don't you care about this island like me, John Locke?

Sawyer: Pig-nose fatty terminator. An' Daddy-o?

Locke: That's your answer to everything. Isn't it?

Sawyer: Tahini-breath.