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American Horror Story: Coven

Until now we’ve mostly had to draw our own conclusions about American Horror Story: Coven, based on its promos’ witchy imagery, the fact that Ryan Murphy has said repeatedly it’s about witches, the plot and character descriptions that have talked in detail about those witches, the definition of the word “coven,” and our own interpretations of snake-blowjob metaphors as they relate to witches. (Thank you, college.) But now we have some actual footage with genuine action and dialogue to confirm that, yep, it’s about witches—particularly Jessica Lange’s telekinetically empowered leader-witch and Taissa Farmiga’s troubled student-witch, about whom Farmiga said in the most recent print edition of Entertainment Weekly, “She's kind of this sweet girl, except she kills people with her vagina." So, it seems this season of American Horror Story might also have something to do with the intersection of sex and death, a conclusion you also probably could have drawn before watching this teaser.

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